Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Schlitterbahn loves families and the proof is in the ice chest - families can save by bringing their own ice chest to the park! When you combine that with free parking it's clear - you're hard pressed to find a more family friendly park!
Bringing in an ice chest does more than save money for your family - it lets you take care of those fussy eaters and stay all day!
Packing an ice chest with our kids favorites means more time enjoying rides and less time in food lines. Plus at Schlitterbahn we enjoy the best water park while saving money too!
The thing about Schlitterbahn is the ticket price is the end of it - no nickel and dime charges here! You can bring in an ice chest full of food and drink and parking is free.
There's a huge variety of rides - some wild, some mild - and there's plenty of room for you to set up your own picnic.

Schlitterbahn has made a day at the water park even more affordable for my family of seven by offering the option to take your own ice chest filled with snacks for the whole family. (no glass or alcohol) One of my favorite ice chest worthy recipes:

3 Bananas pealed and cut in to about 2" pieces
1 Carton of large strawberry's stems pulled off cut in1/2's
1 Pineapple cut into wheels or squares what ever you prefer
Place fruit in large freezer bags and freeze over night you can use this to snack on by itself or with cool whip.