Thursday, October 11, 2012

NEON Tiki Tribe Party!

 tiki tribe

 Thanks to MommyParties sponsored by Neon Tiki Tribe I was able to host this party! 

The Neon Tiki Tribe are the Brightest Heroes on Earth! Tribe Members include Tia,Zeke,Mowah and Dar. They use sunglasses that allow them to use their super-powers to defend Earth from the evil Ku Tiki Tribe.

Each child received the following:
1 pair of "super-power" glasses and a Character description print out page, so they can become familiar with Neon Tiki Tribe. These books are filled with things young kids have to face in life that maybe we as parents don't always take the time to discuss with our children ,so this makes it easy to bring up bullying,responsibility and how to become a Thoughtful Intelligent Kind Individual.

If you would like to learn more about Neon Tiki Tribe you can visit there website:
receive 25% off your purchase by using promo code Tiki300.

Disclosure: I received a party package from Mommyparties in exchange for my post these are my honest opinions.

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