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Tree Top treats that will turn Frankenstein green with envy
Reduced Sugar Juices Provide Healthy Beverage this Halloween, as well as Fun, Frugal, Family Crafting
SELAH, Wash. (Oct. 15, 2012) – This year, Halloween falls on a Wednesday, which almost guarantees festivities will sneak up and spook us senseless. Keep your wits about you and reach for recipes and decorations that are fast, frugal and fun for the whole family. While sipping on “Frankenstein’s Favorite” Tree Top punch, families can create ghoulish or goofy Halloween decorations by recycling empty juice bottles and boxes.
Tree Top’s recipes and craft ideas are fun, easy-to-make and require just a few simple ingredients.
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Step 1: Make the punch, but don’t forget to rinse and keep your juice bottles and boxes! You’ll use those later.
“Frankenstein’s Favorite” Green Apple Punch
1 liter ginger ale
Green food coloring
Tree Top Fruit Snack ice cubes:
Tree Top Reduced Sugar Apple Juice
Pour apple juice and ginger ale into a punch bowl and stir. Add about 10 drops of food coloring, or until you get the desired shade of green.

Add Tree Top Fruit Snack ice cubes (directions follow) and this ghoulishly green punch is ready to devour!

Tree Top Fruit Snack ice cubes:
Simply drop a few fruit snacks into each section of an ice tray. Cover fruit snacks with either apple juice or water. Freeze and serve!
Step 2: Now, recycle the empty Tree Top juice bottles or boxes by creating these Halloween crafts.
Pint-Sized Franks
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·         Tree Top juice boxes
·         Green paper
·         Black felt
·         Googly eyes
·         Black permanent marker
·         Silver/white thumbtacks
·         Glue gun
·         Scissors
Wrap boxes in green paper.
Cut hair and eyebrows out of black felt and glue into place. Adhere googly eyes and draw remaining features (forehead, nose, mouth) with marker.
Push thumbtacks into lower left and right sides of box.
Miniature Mummies
Description: Description: \\lprserver4\lapr\Clients\Tree Top\2012\Images\2012-10-10 Halloween\Halloween_mummy.jpg
·         Tree Top juice bottles or boxes
·         White kitchen towel or bed linen
·         Glue gun
·         Googly eyes
Tear fabric into strips.
Add a dot of glue in a starting location. Adhere the fabric and wrap! Repeat until the box is completely wrapped.
Add a pair of googly eyes.
Frightening Phrases
Description: Description: \\lprserver4\lapr\Clients\Tree Top\2012\Images\2012-10-10 Halloween\Halloween_boo2.jpg
·         Tree Top juice boxes
·         Assorted papers
·         Black permanent marker
·         Tape or glue gun
·         Scissors
Wrap boxes in papers with assorted colors and patterns. Add ribbon, glitter or paint if desired.
Using a permanent marker or pre-cut paper letters, add a letter to each box to spell any festive phrase! (Examples: “Boo!”, “Spooky” or “Eeek!”)
For more fun Tree Top recipes, visit http://www.treetop.com/RecipeMenu.aspx.
About Tree Top
Since 1960, Tree Top has provided premium, quality juices, fruit based products and ingredients to consumers and most of the world’s leading manufactures.  The grower-owned co-operative operates seven fruit processing facilities in the heart of Washington’s apple country, Oregon and California. With more than 1,000 growers, the co-op creates the widest array of fruit-based products and ingredients available on the market and is the only major brand to produce apple juice made from 100% USA only apples.  Tree Top’s passion and attention to quality and craftsmanship makes it the first choice for customers. For more information, visit www.treetop.com.

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